About Us


We are a qualified team of professionals that will give you technical and human support.

  * Commercial Department: They are in charge of taking your orders and sending them to the warehouse to be delivered. Their excellent training allows them to solve any problem or doubt that could arise.

 * Export Department: They work for POSTQUAM to continue its  expansion, reaching more and more markets usa.

 * Logistics Department: They prepare your orders and make them to arrive in time.

 * Incidences Department: They are taught to face up to and solve in a very short time all the problems arising when transporting the goods. This department is completely related with the rest of departments, mainly the logistics and the commercial ones, in order to avoid any problem that could take place. Thanks to the creation of this department, and also the training and experience of its members, the number of incidences in POSTQUAM is minimum.

 * Training Department: Specialists in hairdressing, aesthetics and beauty, marketing... they are responsible of training all our staff, as well as other future professionals. They also impart special lectures and ateliers to professionals.


We evolve with the market

 Our world and society are evolving so fast that every company must face the new tendencies and requests if it wants to survive. For POSTQUAM USA, the new fashions are an inspiration source that lead us to evolve and to look for more and more innovative and competitive products.