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We always say that the products are a blessing Postquam, the truth is that they are products produced by a firm recognized and well supported by high technology and scientific advances in the cosmetic industry.
The POSTQUAM central in the united states is in Miami and is run fitness specialist and personal care, the renowned Sergio Borges. which is the entrance who gave to America to postQuam and who for years to promoted these products.
These being the best selling products in the cosmetics industry in the year 2012
Cosmetic uses POSTQUAM is headquartered in Miami from the hand of Sergio Borges, whose focus was to position your company as a leader in the professional beauty industry.
  This objective is accomplished through an innovative sales system so far: factory direct sale without intermediaries. Postquam offers professional beauty products of the highest quality at the best price. This sale system Postquam positioned as a high quality product and the ability to compete with the best prices.
  Throughout all these years, POSTQUAM Cosmetic USA has worked to ensure the highest quality, the search continued advanced formulas, the best service and response to customer demand, the most qualified and the most select and exclusive products.
  In this spirit POSTQUAM began to grow, first in Spain, then in United states and now in every continent. We have achieved the confidence of 180,000 customers worldwide.
It's really a great opportunity to distribute these products for their high quality and low cost.
If you are interested in more information contact POSTQUAM used over the phone: 305-460-7010


We are at: 3817 Southwest 8 Street, Coral Gables, FL
Miami, Florida